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Noordstar starboard


5 - 7 uur
€ 60 per person, all-in!

From the heart of Amsterdam we leave for a lovely trip. We will be sailing actively but also swim, relaxt or have a little outing in another port or town. When you enter the ship we will have coffee, tea and cookies waiting for you. We will show you around on the ship and tell you what we’re going to do, there’s the opportunity to help while sailing or relax on deck.

We sail to the island Pampus or Muiden, on a nice day we can jump in the water and swim or enjoy the view on open water. We have lunch on an island or on board.

The daytrip last 5 hours or more, depending on your wishes. We can serve lunch, drinks and dinner but we could also bring a simple picknick, all to make sure you have a great relaxed day!

lunch €60,-
snack & drinks €70,-
dinner & drinks €80,-

lunch €70,-
lunch, snack & drinks €90,-
snack, dinner & drinks €100,-

lunch & dinner 90,-
lunch, dinner & drinks 100,-
lunch, snack, dinner ½ drinks 110,-

– Visiting another port is possible and open for discussion
– All prices are per person and includes boat crew, taxes, fuel and harbor dues.
– Prices are based on groups from 20 to 33 people, would you like to come with a bigger or smaller group? This is also possible, lets discuss it!

What to wear

It’s nice to think about the following before you come aboard:

  • – Take an extra jumper. On open water it can be chilly, even when the weather is beautiful. Taking an extra layer can save your day.
  • – Brink a rainsuit. It doesnt rain that often in the Netherlands, but when outside all day it could rain a little, so take your raincoat and trousers, just in case.
  • – Wear flat shoes. On the deck its more convenient to wear comfortable, flat shoes, preferably with profile to prevent slipping.
  • – Sunlotion. If the weather is nice its easy to get sunburned so bring some lotion, together with your swimsuit, towel and sunglasses!

Dining on the Noordstar

Would you like to have dinner on board after a day of sailing? This is also possible! Our cooks can make you a delicious and original three course meal. All meals are freshly prepared on board with mostly biological products from the area. We like to cook vegetarian, and notice that even meatlovers love our food when they taste our original recipes!

Book your trip

Welcome aboard! Please fill in your details, we will contact you to discuss your requirements. You can also contact us by telephone at +31 6 37 09 47 35.

Tjartertjalk Noordstar

Sailing daytrips from Amsterdam

Enjoy drinks on a authentic sailing vessel while touring through the harbours of Amsterdam. Or a round trip past the island of Pampus concluding with a delicious three course meal.

Tasty food & refreshing drinks

Our cooks come from all over Europe. The produce the work with are organic and as much as possible from local sources.

Cosy and spacious living area

The Noordstar has a spacious and light living area and is equipped with modern sanitary facilities.

Live performances: bands & theatre

Would you like to combine your trip with a performance? We will arrange live music and/or theatre.

Also for longer trips (to the Wadden Sea)

If you really want a unique experience? Then come with us to the Wadden Sea.

For info & bookings: Daniëlle Sonder   +31 6 37 09 47 35   |   info@noordstar.amsterdam