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Welcome aboard the Noordstar

The Noordstar is a sturdy vessel of 25 meters in length. A traditional Dutch sailing ship, more than a century old, but equipped with many modern conveniences. Up to 33 people can sail on the Noordstar. As a guest you will feel immediately at home. A floating party, a family day, team outings, it is all possible. The former cargo hold now has a stage, kitchen and bar.

The welcoming space can accommodate more than 33 people. There are many different ways to make your stay on board into a success, by adding live music, enjoying the gastronomical delights on offer. You can name it and we will arrange it!

No experience? No problem!

To join us on a sailing trip, no experience is required. Everyone can join in. The skipper and his shipmate will make sure you have a pleasant stay on board, whether you want to laze in the sun, go swimming or take part in the sailing. Or steer the ship towards its destination yourself. Since we will be working with nature, the trip will be an adventure no matter what. The ship and its crew comply with all the legally required training and equipment standards.

Tjartertjalk Noordstar

Sailing daytrips from Amsterdam

Enjoy drinks on a authentic sailing vessel while touring through the harbours of Amsterdam. Or a round trip past the island of Pampus concluding with a delicious three course meal.

Tasty food & refreshing drinks

Our cooks come from all over Europe. The produce the work with are organic and as much as possible from local sources.

Cosy and spacious living area

The Noordstar has a spacious and light living area and is equipped with modern sanitary facilities.

Live performances: bands & theatre

Would you like to combine your trip with a performance? We will arrange live music and/or theatre.

Also for longer trips (to the Wadden Sea)

If you really want a unique experience? Then come with us to the Wadden Sea.

For info & bookings: Daniëlle Sonder   +31 6 37 09 47 35   |   info@noordstar.amsterdam